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The alternative music queen.

Eda Atlas review of latest track ─░stanbul 

Eda Atlas, a prominent Turkish alternative music singer-songwriter, weaves a poignant tale of love and loss in her track "─░stanbul," now available on various music platforms. The song is a captivating journey, immersing listeners in the atmospheric streets of Beyo─člu, the allure of Kad─▒köy, and the timeless beauty of K─▒z Kulesi. The evocative melody mirrors the highs and lows of a romance, with every note resonating like footsteps echoing through the city. As the song unfolds, one can almost envision mart─▒lar soaring above ─░stanbul, creating a melodic backdrop to the memories shared within its streets. Eda Atlas has crafted a masterpiece that etches itself into our hearts, much like the enduring spirit of the city itself. Listen and embark on a musical voyage through the soulful streets of ─░stanbul.




Turk Beats top tracks.

We at Turk Beats Radio love Güne┼č and we think this track is amazing!

Come back for more fresh tracks we are always playing the latest releases on Turk Beats Radio.

What do you think of the sensation that is Selin Geçit?

effortlessly singing pitch perfect songs in both English and Turkish. She is definitely one of our favourite artists at the station.


3rd September 2023


Cem Adrian's live performance of "Zincir" was nothing short of breathtaking. With his powerful yet soulful voice, he captivated the audience from the very first note. The emotional depth he brought to the song was palpable, leaving the crowd in awe of his talent. The stage presence and energy he exuded were electrifying, creating an unforgettable experience for everyone lucky enough to be in the audience that night. Cem Adrian's rendition of "Zincir" will undoubtedly be remembered as a mesmerizing and unforgettable moment in live music history.


Selin Geçit's latest single, "Lights Off," released on September 1st, is a captivating musical journey that promises to immerse listeners in a world of melodic enchantment and emotion.

Check out the video below and be sure to listen to her and many more talented artists on Turk Beats Radio.

18th August 2023

Trending this week is Alara Serena with her catchy track Nerdeysin.

Also what do you think about Derya's latest release Anlayacaks─▒n elbet .



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Your ultimate Turkish Radio station.


Would love to know what you think of this cover of a Sezen Aksu song by the amazing Azeri Turkish singer Çinare Melikzade. In this track she is performing with the renowned group Taksim Trio.

The beautiful tapestry of Music from the Turkic world.


Today we at Turk Beats Radio wanted to shine a light on this beautiful cover of an Azeri Turkish song called 'Sen gelmez oldun' sung by the Kyrgyz Artist Nur Cholpon.

In the second video Nur Cholpon is singing a cover of Kayahan's 'caddelerde rüzgar '.

Nur Cholpon is a prominent singer and musician in Kyrgystan. She plays several instruments. Her genre is ethno-pop. She does traditional Kyrgyz material and also covers of western songs. She has a large vocal range including whistle tones and beat boxing.

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